BAVH – British Association of Veterinary Herbalists

British Association of Veterinary Herbalists

British Association of Veterinary Herbalists


The BAVH is a group of Veterinary surgeons dedicated to promoting the safe, effective and responsible use of herbal medicines in veterinary practice through ongoing professional collaboration, education and research.

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The Safe Use Of Herbal Medicine In Animals

Our aims are:

  • To represent veterinary herbalists in the wider veterinary community, regulatory bodies and industry.
  • To provide information to members of the public wishing to seek the services of a veterinary herbalist for companion or farm animals.
  • To embrace all relevant information sources of herbal medicine from traditional use across cultures to modern evidence-based medicine.
  • To promote the use of practices in farming, wild harvesting and animal husbandry that are ethical and ecologically sustainable with particular consideration given to endangered species and habitats.
  • To promote continuing ethical research in the field of herbal medicine.